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High Temperature Sintering Laboratory

  1. Calcining and sintering of electrode materials.

  2. Synthesis of electro-spinning nano fibers and nano clothes.

  Equipment Principle
1 Nanofiber Electro-Spinning Unit

An electrospinner employs a strong electrical field to draw nano-scale fibers from a polymer solution or liquid to form non-woven fabrics.

2 High Temperature Tubular Furnace

Solid particles of a green/raw body (unsintered ceramic item) mutually bonded together at high temperature, resulting in the growth of grain, voids (pores) and reduction of the grain boundaries. Eventually, a dense polycrystalline microstructured body is formed by transport of substances, contraction of total volume and increased density.



(Sintering) Furnace


Sintering furnace can make ceramic solid particles bonded to each other at high temperature for the process of grain growth and grudual decrease in void (pore) and grain boundary. Eventually, a dense, polycrystalline and microstructured sintered body can be formed due to the shrinkage of total volume and increased density by substantial transportation.

4 Ultrasonic sprayer By electronic shock principle, using the piezoelectric crystal shaker, result of high frequency waves to break up the molecular structure, then become to mist particles, To avoid impacting to combine solid particle in slurry uniformity and quality of the film.