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Assembly Laboratory

  1. Preparation of electrode slurry.

  2. Slurry coating of electrodes.

  3. Electrode pressing and slitting.

  4. Assembly of coil cells.

  Equipment Principle
1 Glove Box with Gas Purification System

A glove box provides a low-humidity and low-oxygen levels (water, oxygen: <1 ppm) environment which is required for the process of lithium ion battery packaging.

2 Spray Dryer

A solid-containing suspension is mist-sprayed with high pressure and dispersed in the hot air. Particles are formed after rapid drying, and then powder products can be separated from the gas flow.



Nano Spray Dryer


Micro-scale droplets are produced by ultrasonic oscillation with a piezoelectric film. Then, the droplets are dried in the hot air, and collected to form nano-level powder samples by electrostatic techniques.

4 High Energy Ball Mill
The equipment using frictional and collision force to combine the material fast.  
the highest speed can up to 2000 min-1. The cooling system can avoid grinding high speed process of energy affect the material. Promoting the homogeneity of material.
5 Conductivity meter When current pass through 1cm2 cross-sectional area and long 1cm liquid column situation resistance’s reciprocal, the unit is mho/cm, when the conductivity much lower has use 10-3 or 10-6 as unit. That is mho / cm or μmho / cm. Before testing the water of conductivity must have to use the standard of conductivity solution to regulate the conductivity.